Still Life Painting

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Still Life Painting

Different art movements and styles go in and out of fashion. Art critics do not consider Still Life painting trendy at the present time but it is recognized as an influential form of art. It’s still popular with the public and many amateur artists find this sort of art to be useful in teaching composition and perspective. Artists have always struggled to get models or to have enough light to paint landscapes. Setting up inanimate objects is convenient by comparison.

Common subjects to be painted are dishes of fruit, vases of flowers or a bottle of wine and a platter of cheese or meats. Still Life painting may have a hunting or fishing theme. It was popular in western art from the 17th century, especially in France, Italy and Holland. Dutch artists were especially proficient in this art form, being banned from painting religious iconography.

The 19th century was a golden age for artists who wanted to experiment with Still Life painting. Traditionalists may have been horrified at the time but the artists who pushed the boundaries with color and form were to inspire future generations. It seems tame to modern gallery visitors today, but the work of Impressionists and Post-Impressionists shocked both the public and critics when they were first exhibited.

Vincent Van Gogh used bold color and broad brushwork in paintings such as Sunflowers, probably the most famous Still Life painting in history. Sadly, he didn’t see success in his lifetime but the painting set new records when it was sold at auction and is now considered to be a masterpiece. Paul Cézanne was another artist who had a very individual style and is often referred to as the godfather of modern art. His still life’s were experiments in perspective and the artist distorted perspective to suit his artistic vision.

These earlier artists laid the foundations for what would be known as Cubism. Invented by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, this way of looking at the world through geometry often used Still Life painting as a means of expression. Juan Gris was another exponent of the form. Again, purists threw their arms up in disbelief as the style was given a make over.

The Pop Artists of the 1960s also took to the form, resulting in cultural landmarks such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. Artists painted Coca Cola bottles and other everyday items, arguing that it was no different from an Old Master depicting a bottle of wine.

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Home Decorating Pictures

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Home Decorating Pictures

The quote, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true for many, many situations. This famous quote even applies to home decorating. Many people draw their inspiration for their decorating projects from home decorating pictures. It’s difficult to visualize a room decorated using the various design themes. You many think the French Country style is perfect for your kitchen but when you actually see this style used in home decorating pictures, you may change your mind. Contemporary style is hot nowadays with its trendy accessories, fabric and furniture but is it for your home? Browsing home decorating pictures of contemporary design will help you decides whether it’s for your home or not. Tuscan design sounds beautiful when you read about it in magazines and books but until you see those home decorating pictures using tuscan design, you can’t be sure if it would work in your home.

Home decorating pictures are very beneficial when making plans to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home. Pictures either confirm your visions or provide a totally different reality. Home decorating pictures offer you an opportunity to browse and pick a design that best suits you and your home. There are so many designs to choose from, some you’ve probably never heard of. Current home decorating pictures offer you a chance to view all of the latest trends in home decorating for each and every room in your home.

Home decorating pictures portray homes and spaces that often seem out of the realm of possibility for you and your home. Because these spaces are so elegantly decorated and look so perfect and professional, you may assume it cannot be achieved in your space. This is not true. Home decorating pictures give you the finished product, the end result of much planning and work. Home decorating is a process and you too can work through this process to create rooms similar to those in the home decorating pictures. With the thousands of resources available to homeowners today, there is no reason you cannot have an elegant dining room just like the one you saw in home decorating pictures.

There are so many magazines, catalogues, books and websites related to interior home decorating. These resources provide many useful tools and offer great advice for decorating your home. When you begin your planning, you can’t imagine your space will resemble those in the home decorating pictures. The great news is – it certainly can. Using home decorating pictures as guides for your planning, you can choose colors, furnishings and accessories to improve your space and make it picture perfect. In home decorating, almost anything is achievable if you are willing to be open-minded and accept advice. Many home decorating pictures display rooms in bold colors that you just can’t imagine using in your home. This is when you have to relax and go out on a limb. In order to get that picture perfect room, you may need to compromise your normal methods of decorating. However if you definitely want the bathroom in the home decorating pictures, you’ll need to put away those normal habits and adopt brand new ones.

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Selecting The Best Deck Railing Designs For Your Custom Home

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Selecting The Best Deck Railing Designs For Your Custom Home

Selecting Deck Railing Designs That Match Your Style

Most people invest a lot of time and energy into finding the right deck railing designs for their home. Fortunately there is a wide selection of free deck railing designs available on the web for you to choose from.

The first step toward selecting the right design for your railing is deciding the right design for your porch. Here are some things to think about when deciding the best porch for your home:

1. Consider your lifestyle. A porch is a key element for many homes. Your lifestyle will determine how large a porch you need for example. If you spend on enjoying long afternoons entertaining friends and family outdoors, you may need a larger surface to work on than if you plan to seldom use your porch.

2. Decide the best place for your porch. For most this is the front of the home or south facing. However some prefer to watch the sunset on their porch so this will dictate location.

3. Select the right materials. Once you decide on the right porch you’ll need to select materials for both the porch and the railings. Most people opt for railings crafted or wood or metal, though you may consider other materials. You’ll want to look for designs that match the style of your home. Some railings and porches for example are better suited for contemporary style homes than Victorian style ones.

Popular Free Railing Designs

Most people save their money for equipment not for buying designs for their railings. The most popular porch designs often involve wood. Wooden porches and wooden railings often complement both contemporary and Victorian or other style homes. While wood does require some maintenance over time, so too do other materials like wrought iron. Some find the upkeep for wooden railings less tedious than the brushing required to keep iron railings rust free.

Your choice of materials may also depend on your environment. Some prefer metal railings because they live in low moisture areas and prefer something durable and weatherproof. Metal designs may also appeal to individuals looking for intricate or ornate fixtures to incorporate in their porch. Here are some additional considerations when selecting a design for your railing:

• Consider the cost and expense of deck railing designs. The more intricate the designs and more closely tied to the architectural style of your home the more expense you may incur.

• Consider tying rail design into lighting and otter home features.

• Be sure to match railing design to the overall porch floor plan of your home.

• Consider the ease of installation, the strength of the design and its functionality before buying

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Beautify and Add Fragrance to Your Home Decor with Candles

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Beautify and Add Fragrance to Your Home Decor with Candles

Candles create a warm beauty in your home like no other home decor accessory. They light up the room and set the mood with colors or scents of flowers, foods, or spices. They illuminate the seasons or holidays with delightful smells. Let’s explore some creative ways to spruce up your home decor with candles.

Create Multi-Dimensional Focal Points in a Room

Candles come in a variety of sizes and heights. There are wide, short, tall, thin, and medium sized candles of all different colors. You can arrange candles of different heights and sizes to create dimensional focal points on a table, fireplace mantle, mirror shelf, or wherever candles will fit. Place the candles from the smallest to the largest in groups of three to five candles to create an appealing display.

Use Candles to Enhance Other Decor Items

Floral arrangements, photos, paintings, and figurines seem to come to life when a candle is nearby. Light the candles in the evening to illuminate special centerpieces. Taper candles, pillar candles, or globe candles work great for highlighting other eye-catching items of your decor.

Set the Mood with Candles

In a romantic setting, add votives around a hot tub, bath, or bedroom to set the mood. For best results and longer burning times, always use votive holders. Use multiple votives of the same or various colors to create a more elaborate candle setting. For holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, set the mood for your gatherings with scented candles. Some great scents for the holidays are cinnamon, vanilla, apple, cranberry, cookies, and other holiday delights.

For parties, buy scented or unscented candles that are colorful and fit for the occasion. Brighten an anniversary party with white, green, or beige candles, which are decorative without drawing too much attention. Use pink or blue candles for kids’ parties. Red, orange, green, white, or beige candles work well for the holidays. For a poolside party, use floating tealight candles to light up the pool and dazzle your guests.

Crafty Candles

If you enjoy decorating your home with homemade crafts, candles can also be used to create your own crafts. You can decorate plain candles any way you want. You can also tie ribbons around several candles to bind them in a decorative pose. Use saucers, flowerpots, old lanterns, and so forth to create your own unique candleholders. Create the type of decor you want in every room with a little creativity.

Candle Safety Tips

Before lighting a candle, be sure the candle is in a proper holder for burning. Also, never set the candle on a wood or plastic surface. Candleholders can become extremely hot after burning a while. Place burning candles on a metal surface if possible. For a safer way to enjoy scented or unscented candles, use a candle warmer. Candle warmers melt the candle while giving off its maximum scent. Warmers also enable you to use the candle longer without burning it up. Just make sure the warmer is placed on a non-flammable surface such as metal. Keep an eye on candles and never leave them unattended for long periods of time. Also, never place a burning candle too close to flammable objects such as silk flowers, cloth or clothes, or a hanging coat.

Blend colorful, sweet smelling candles throughout your decor to add beauty to every room of your home. You can find a variety of scented candles, unscented candles, votives, tealights, globe candles, taper candles, and pillar candles online to suit your needs.

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Collections Create Continuity Of Design

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Collections Create Continuity Of Design

Increasingly, homeowners are looking to go with the flow-creating continuity from room to room with design elements that complement each other and tie the whole house together.

This has often been one of the greater design challenges, even for professionals. That’s because while some design elements offer an overall sense of unity, others-that may have plenty of “wow” appeal on their own-simply don’t work from one room to another.

Fortunately, spectacular new collections are helping create the sort of harmony that people desire. Known as the Architecturally Inspired Collections™, these simple-to-coordinate collections offer builders and homeowners the ability to blend a specific architectural design and finish seamlessly throughout a home. And with additional collections on the way, there will be plenty of options for beautifying the home.

The first two sensational lines consist of newly designed faucets, showerheads, door hardware and bathroom accessories that feature complementary styles and distinctive matching finishes. The traditional country-inspired Ashfield Collection is fashionable and flexible. This seemingly eclectic style brings together time-honored country traditions, while the sleek, coastal-inspired Avalon has a slight touch of the coast, aesthetically co-existing with any color scheme or decor. Plus, the exceptional quality of the collections gives consumers additional confidence in their design decisions; it’s like having an interior designer in the house.

“Today’s homeowners are looking for residential synergy, attempting to coordinate a wide range of products for their homes that blend a single theme,” said Sandy Vandall, vice president of Research and Brand Marketing for the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group.

The Ashfield and Avalon Collections will be available in an array of elegant, richly detailed matching finishes, including Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Rustic Pewter™, Rustic Bronze™ and Tuscan Bronze™. Each finish carries a lifetime anti-tarnish warranty. Additional finishes are available on selected products.

Architecturally Inspired Collections is an innovative combination of the trendsetting designs of Price Pfister and Kwikset, two leaders in the home-improvement industry that are working together to help create continuity of design. More collections, including the upcoming Modern Collection, are planned for the future.

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Turn Your House Into A Home With These Home Improvement Tips

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Turn Your House Into A Home With These Home Improvement Tips

Performing your own home improvements doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but people experienced with remodeling, repairing, and improving their homes know that a few simple tips and tricks can make a huge difference. If you’re thinking of embarking on some new home improvements, bear the following tips in mind to make sure everything goes right and nothing goes wrong.

Make sure that any contract you sign when buying a home has your interests at heart. You need to have time to get financing, arrange a home inspection and discuss any problems in the home that may need repair. A contract that is written to protect you, is essential in giving you peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy your new home.

Taking good care of your home is as important as putting money in your savings account on a regular basis. Well maintained homes are worth more money than those which need lots of deferred maintenance. By keeping up with small fixes, you will keep your home at it’s prime market value.

Before buying any materials for a home improvement job, you should go online and comparison shop at the local home improvement store websites. This is a great way for you to be certain that you are getting the materials at the best price that you can rather than overpaying and wasting your money.

Home improvement costs often skyrocket when homeowners fail to take un-livability into consideration when scheduling an intensive remodel. If you can’t cook in your kitchen or bath in your bathroom, you will end up eating out a lot and possibly staying in a hotel for a few nights. These costs add up quickly if you weren’t expecting them. Add another line to your budget for food and lodging if necessary.

If you do not know how to do anything involved with your home improvement project, take some time and go to the local home improvement store and ask. You may feel like driving down to the home improvement store is a waste of time, but the time you save from not having to re-do a bad job is well worth it.

After your home improvement work is finished, do not submit your final payment until you are happy with the work that was performed. You can also make “progress payments,” which involves giving the contractor small sums of money in certain increments over the course of the project. Do not pay for work that you are not satisfied with.

A good home improvement tip is to make sure the company you’re doing business with is legit. If a company doesn’t give you a physical address and only conducts business over the phone, that means they’re probably small time and aren’t very reputable. Try to go with companies that have a strong reputation.

These simple tips should have helped you see some new perspectives on home improvement, which will get you thinking creatively about what will work and won’t work in your own home. Learning to think cleverly about how you make improvements will be a valuable skill as you gain experience and tackle more complex home improvement jobs.

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Home Decor: Don’t Forget Your Home Office!

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Home Decor: Don’t Forget Your Home Office!

With an increasing number of people telecommuting and running home businesses, the home office has become ubiquitous. But when it comes to home improvement and home decor, people often overlook their home offices – even if they spend eight hours a day there.

If you’re ready to give your home office a makeover, or if you’re in the process of converting one of your rooms into a home office, here are some elements to take into consideration when designing your home improvement plan.

Your Desk

Your desk may be your workstation, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego style. Forget the industrial look of a metal desk, and instead opt for furniture that is an extension of your home decor. You might love the richness of beautiful cherry wood, or you may like the minimalism and futuristic style of glass.

If your home office is in a room that does double duty – for example, as a guest bedroom – you may want an all-in-one set that more closely resembles an armoire. On the other hand, if your home office is your primary place of business, you may need something larger, such as a corner desk with a center computer station and work surfaces to either side.

Your Chair

Embrace both comfort and style when selecting a chair for your home office. If the room is fairly large and you select a cherry or walnut desk, for example, a leather executive chair might be a nice touch. If you don’t have a lot of room, you may want to try an ergonomic kneeling chair. A wooden chair with back slats and a leather seat builds a bridge between functionality and interior home decor, or you can opt for the latest trend in office chairs – a chair with a frameless back that shapes itself to your body.


The amount and type of storage space you will need depends upon how you utilize your home office. If you primarily use the space for Web browsing and paying bills, you won’t need advanced storage solutions. However, if your home office is your primary place of business, you may need the equivalent of drawers, cabinets, and bookshelves. Again, keep in mind that this room doesn’t need to replicate a place of business; the goal is to integrate the space with the rest of your interior home decor. For example, if you need a file cabinet but don’t have to access it everyday, you can drape a piece of fabric over it, much as you would an end table. Or, you can opt to buy a cart that features wicker file bins, which provides all the functionality you need without sacrificing style.

Personal Touches

Be sure to incorporate personal touches into your home office. A beautiful shade of paint, framed family photos, a small indoor fountain, and creative lighting can make it a pleasure to work from home. When designing your home improvement plan, be sure to create a home office that features colors, fabrics, and objects that make your heart soar.

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